Deli Team Member JET FOOD STORE #65

Deli Team Member are responsible for preparing, slicing, cooking, weighing, pricing, serving food and merchandising the department's deli products. Deli products include deli meats, cheeses, salads, sandwiches, breakfast items, fried foods and vegetables for hot case items. They inform customers about our deli products and services and help increase sales by having a great food presentation in the hot deli case, great general cleanliness of the deli area, great customer service skills and suggestive selling deli merchandise. They work with equipment like fryers, ovens, grills, serving utensils, knives and potato cutters. Employees are responsible for filling out daily cook sheets for food production and to control waste. Employees must date and rotate all merchandise in the coolers and freezers.
The following constitute "essential functions" of the job.
Read, understand, and write the English language at the eighth-grade level;
Perform arithmetic calculations at the eighth-grade level in order to be able to account for a variety of products during vendor check-in; accurately price deli merchandise and follow directions for recipes
Have sufficient visual acuity to read labels, recipes, temperature readings and to avoid general hazards form working in a deli which has hot equipment present.
Read and understand instructions for proper cooking procedures, recipes, dates, and general instructions concerning the deli area.
Can lift up to 50 pounds, and carry cases of chicken, boxes of potatoes and large bags of flour.
Can stand or your feet for 8 to 10 hours while cooking and serving customers.
Can react to a fire by lifting the fire extinguisher and using it to extinguish the fire
Can work in a hot environment around hot equipment such as ovens, fryer and grills
Can work in cold conditions for brief periods such as the cooler or freezers
The list of requirements, duties, and responsibilities listed above is by no means a complete list. It is merely a general summary for the position described. Management reserves the right to revise or change this position description at any time.

Don't Be Fooled

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